I was born in 1983 in the comunist Bucharest, Romania, where I lived and studied architecture. My passion for art started at an early age but the University of Architecture influenced him to start producing recycled magazine collages as a step forward from my previous mix media artworks (digital, graffiti and acrylic). The result was so exciting that, ever since, I've been more fascinated by the torn pieces of paper than paints.

I enjoy working with nothing but recycled magazines and all pieces are manually tear or cut apart and glued to the canvas.


@ovidiu.solcan has a large audience on Instagram – one of his major ways of exposing his art.

As in real life I have been shown in exhibitions like:

- ARTWALK STREET FESTIVAL – Bucharest 2017 & 2018

- North Sea Jazz Festival Rotterdam 2019

- #Brancusi heARTbeat #5th Edition @ Qreator Bucharest 2019 & 2020

- MONEY GO ROUND – Rosso Gallery 2020 – Rome

- Luxury The Concept Store 2020 – Hamburg

- Pavot Gallery 2020 – Bucharest

I had a solo studio gallery where his creative process was exhibited live as an installation at The Grand Avenue – Marriott in March - August 2018.

During 2019 I had a project sharing the joy of collage creation in partnership with Mastercard and Daruieste Viata Association. I created a series of live collages with the help of people in locations like – MARe- Recent Art Museum(Launching event), Electric Castle Festival, TIFF - Transylvanian International Film Festival, SummerWell Festival, Heal » The Power of Storytelling Conference and more others events.

One of my collages was featured by Saatchi Art in a collection. I was also featured in auctions like ARTMARK's, Datini Contemporane Gala 2018 (charity) and Monza Ares Hospital inauguration . Some of my artworks are part in some ad campaigns for brands like Mastercard, AfterEight, Glo, Ralawaise, Mirinda, Oppo, Jack Daniel’s, Esquire.